S. features an agreement regarding openness of the common edging

affront (uhf RUHNT) vt. step 1. to help you openly or intentionally insult; offend; slight; dos. so you’re able to confront from inside the a beneficial defiant manner -letter. an unbarred otherwise deliberate insult • Dont affront Bill’s mommy because of the informing the woman the newest poultry she waiting tasted for instance the take-out chicken’s container. • When you inform your moms and dads it is possible to do anything you need it doesn’t matter of whatever they envision, your affront her or him. • Debbie’s not appealing Sally to help you her party try a planned affront. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. offend]

Small Review #4 Match the keyword out-of column dos toward phrase of line step 1 meaning extremely nearly the same

agenda* (uh JEN duh) n. a summary of what to be performed; especially, a course from what things to performed within an event • Jason wished to settle down as well as have children, however, his cousin Dylan got an entirely more schedule. • “Dated Providers” is the second thing to the plan towards the appointment, just after the latest understanding of your minutes about last conference. nimble (A great juhl) adj. step one. able to flow easily and quickly; deft and you can energetic out of human anatomy otherwise notice; dos. eager and you may lively (away from brain) • The new ballerina exhibited exactly how agile she is actually given that she effortlessly danced and you will frolicked concerning phase. • New comedian are nimble regarding attention as he gone from one quip effortlessly to another location. [agilely adv., agility letter.]

agrarian (uhg RAR ee uhn) adj. 1. according to end up in general; 2. in accordance with facilities, growers, and you may agriculture • The new agrarian statutes of the later twentieth-century met with the government paying producers to not ever develop specific plants. • Agrarian colleges teach producers from the collect rotation and exactly how switching particular crops replenishes floor nutrition.

S. • When you query an excellent friend’s former girlfriend to own a romantic date, you might alienate you to pal

contract (uh GREE mnt) n. 1. staying in balance otherwise accord; dos. a feel between one or two functions; 3. a contract • Tania and Ali came to a binding agreement on who’d give just what to the Cinco de- Mayo team. • Canada and the You. • Contacting a strike manage violate the latest union’s agreement for the car maker. ailment (AYL mnt) n. disease; illness; one intellectual or real disease, especially a gentle but chronic you to definitely • Marley strolled that have a great limp down seriously to a fight having rickets, an issue that had impacted your because the your pet dog. • Delusions regarding grandeur relates to an ailment one to affects many teenaged guys. alacrity (uh LAK ri tee) letter. eager readiness otherwise determination, constantly presented by the small and you can live action • Consuela ate this lady dining that have alacrity, desperate to leave to check out the film theatre. • Willis wagged his end rapidly proving their alacrity to go for a walk when he read Jim getting their leash. alchemy (AL ku mee) letter. step 1. a young blend of magic, chemistry, and opinions from the Dark ages, part of the reason for that have been to show ft metals on the silver and also to discover elixir for eternal youth; 2. a process or strength for turning things to the a much better point since if by magic function • Four-year-dated Francesco was certain that their grandfather you may practice alchemy so you’re able to change his cents to your home. • Whoever believes one a bungalow sitting on one fourth acre from property will likely be turned into a residence believes on the instruction off alchemy. [alchemical adj., alchemically adv., alchemist n.]

alienate (AY lee dentro de ayt) vt. step one. in order to import land ownership to a different; 2. so you’re able to estrange; make unfriendly; step 3. to cause become isolated otherwise withdrawn; 4. result in a positive change of love • You to definitely to sell some possessions to another would be to alienate it is a seldom used concept of the expression inside the the U. Query an effective friend’s most recent sweetheart getting a romantic date and you’re specific to help you alienate her. • Snatching a dog’s restaurants regarding their mouth area has a tendency to alienate the dog-particularly when best Wichita hookup bars it’s not your own dogs. • Sally told Suzie reports on the Cheryl’s past dealings together loved ones that were sure to alienate Suzie off Cheryl and you may, she hoped, obtain Suzie’s relationship getting by herself. [-d, alienation letter.]

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